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Five18 offers camps for children in Lynchburg, VA and the surrounding communities.

At Hat Creek Camp, we provide exceptional camp experiences with careful attention to the needs of youth, encouraging campers to grow through trust-based challenges and successes. It’s a place to build relationships, inspire change and transform lives. From the very first year at Hat Creek Camp, our campers are encouraged to embrace new experiences, build friendships, and establish community in a safe environment with our specially trained staff. They can choose from a host of activities such as canoeing, hiking, archery, swimming, and so much more! As we introduce your child to summer camp we come along side them bringing the good news of Jesus in the Gospels. Each year as your child matures, we will help to guide their steps to a journey of faith that will continue through a lifetime.

Hat Creek Camp is a safe place for everyone to experience exciting programs that build relationships, inspire change, & transform lives.

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